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All About The Red Bottom Heels You Should Know

by Slyvia
Red Bottom Heels

It wasn’t until 2014 that Louboutin realized this. Although Louboutin is a multimillionaire, he had difficulty dealing with his identity and his connection with his adopted father. Louboutin was expelled from school on three separate occasions. However, it wasn’t until Louboutin left school that he discovered his true calling: shoemaking. Here we have discussed red bottom heels.

Early Actions In Shoemaking

Born in France, one of the world’s most fashion-forward cities, Christian Louboutin grew up immersed in the world of luxury and style. Sewing sequins on costumes for the Folies Bergère began Louboutin’s apprenticeship at the age of 15. However, it was through chance that he discovered his true calling in life: shoemaking. A trip to a zoo was all that who needed. When Louboutin saw a sign restricting the wearing of high heels, he was taken aback. Because he was fascinated with the “forbidden shoe,” Louboutin decided to enter the shoemaking business. What makes the red bottom heels so enticing is that he wanted to create shoes to inspire and empower women.

Creating Red Bottom Empire

Christian Louboutin took a detour from shoemaking in the late 1980s to try his hand at landscape gardening. Although he returned to shoe design in 1992, he later founded a boutique in Paris. Celebrities began to show interest in him right away. One of the first customers to walk through its doors was Princess Caroline of Monaco, who eventually became a long-term customer. In addition, his company swiftly gained prominence after the princess commanded the Louboutin store in front of journalists.

The Start Of Red Bottom Heel

Louboutin’s most famous design, the red-bottomed heel, was this isn’t his first idea. Designers were influenced by Andy Warhol’s “Flowers” painting for the first time in 1993 when they began using red lacquer on their shoes. A pink stacked heel adorned with a cartoonish textile bloom and a black sole proved unsatisfying to Louboutin. After seeing his helper open a red nail polish bottle, the designer decided to paint the prototypes in the same color of lacquer as well. In the end, though, Louboutin patented the red bottom heels and made it associated with the brand later on.

Famous and fashion-forward people alike still wear Christian Louboutin shoes today. Blake Lively, Madonna, and Rihanna are just a few celebrities who wear red bottom heels on the red carpet. The Luxury Institute’s annual Fashion Label Status Index (LBSI) and Luxity’s Health of the Luxury Sector 2020 & 2019 place Louboutin in the top three. Is it essential to buy Christian Louboutins? But at the very least, you should own one pair. Take a break and savor the moment! Are there any more shoes you’d want to purchase? You may also be interested in our list of legendary shoemakers.


In this article, we have discussed the topic of Christian Louboutin, the designer of the red sole shoes who has a fascinating and colorful past. It’s a grand narrative because of Louboutin’s innovative concept of life and work, in which he doesn’t take his profession too seriously.


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