How to Decide- Electric vs. Gas Pressure Washer

How to Decide- Electric vs. Gas Pressure Washer

The main goal of using a pressure washer tool is to remove the dust from different things and places with less abrasion. Two major types of pressure washers based on the power source can provide you with the same goal with different circumstances and conditions.

The main types of pressure washers are electric or gas ones. The only question that comes to your mind after reading these types is which one to choose from.

Well, the answer can be pretty simple and clear by considering a few points. But the first thing you need to decide is why and where you are going to use the pressure washer.

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But before that, here we are giving you some points that will be enough to clear your decision about purchasing the right type. Let’s get into it.

1. Cleaning Unit (CU)

A cleaning unit is referred to as the capacity of cleaning in a unit time. CU is the product of PSI & GMP. PSI is pounds per square inch, while the GMI is gallons per minute. Both of these factors are equally important.

The CU of an electric washer can be approx. 3200 while in the case of the gas washer, it can be a maximum of 16000. This simply indicates that a gas washer is stronger and more powerful than an electric one.

2. Maintenance

Gas pressure washers required much more maintenance than electric ones. You need to keep a continuous eye on their fuel changing & using fuel stabilizers.

The electric pressure washer has no such fuel replacement problems. You just need to plug in the washer and use it.

3. Portability

Gas pressure washers are easy to carry from one place to another because they are not connected with the outer power source with a cord. The gas tank is always attached to the washer.

However, electric washers are needed to connect with an electric board. You have to use them around an electric source which limits the use of this type.

4. Price

Gas pressure washers are generally more expensive than electric ones. These washers need more durable construction with a complex fuel system. Other than the actual price, these washers have some hidden expenses like maintenance prices that increase the total spending amount.

On the other hand, electric pressure washers are less sturdy and pretty much simple with less maintenance cost.

5. Ease of Use

Gas pressure washers are quite difficult to start and need more strength to work with. You need to focus on various things while using them.

The electric pressure washers are easy to use with just a plugin and turning on the button. However, you should avoid the safety measures while using it.

6. Safety Risks

Pressure washers did not inherit any safety issues. The incidents happen just because of your negligence. Gas pressure washers have a common issue of carbon monoxide production that is life-threatening if you use them indoors. These washers also produce more noise than the safe limit.

The electric pressure washers are free from both these issues, but for them, you need a proper electric source to avoid electric shock.


Gas pressure washers are a highly recommended option for commercial applications as they are more powerful. While for the house & common applications, you can choose an electric washer.

Regardless of the type, you are using, don't let your guards down while using a pressure washer.