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Huawei’s Top-Rated Smartwatches | Lifestyle Series

by Slyvia

It is amazing how some of the most important features on a watch can now be readily customized into a smartwatch with elegant details and outstanding specifications. It’s not only about the time but more about delivering day-to-day acute services to the smartwatches user. These activities range from weather forecasting, heart rate, activity tracking, and important function as a receiving tool. Read ahead for more about the best Huawei wearables.

Huawei Smart Wearables

The huawei smart watch has recently grown in the world’s popularity. With simply a smartwatch or wristband, you can now monitor your pulse rate, calories burned, and other fitness and health indicators. This implies that your smart wearable generates a lot of highly personally identifiable information and sensitive health information, thus being an intelligent device for daily life.

Huawei Watch Series

The Huawei Watch 3 has been updated with a new user interface (UI). The round finish and rounded screen give the smartwatch a traditional look and feel. It has a beautiful AMOLED display of 1.43 inches that propels clever watch design into the future. It features an excellent touch-sensitive screen, side button, and fully rotatable crown button that is useful for controlling the watch through different apps and functions.

How creative are you? With the smartwatch series, you can have your picture created into an animated display used as the wallpaper for the watch.

Despite Huawei Watch 3 being a stand-alone telecommunication device, it uses eSIM technology1 making it easier to use your existing number while making calls, listening to music, and downloading apps without linking your phone.

Huawei Watch GT Series

GT series features two physical buttons for controlling the display on the sides of the watch. One functions as a power and back button, while the other is used to access the menus and accept them. The smartwatch has a plastic finish and a heart rate monitor on the wrist’s lower half, which comes into contact with the wrist. This is combined with Huawei’s Truseen 3.0 tech, which, as per Huawei, makes pulse rate detection extremely accurate.

Huawei Fit Series

The Huawei Fit can instantly recognize whether you’re strolling or running when it comes to fitness tracking. It also allows you to do a range of exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and using a treadmill. It will keep track of your pulse rate during the day on its own and keep track of your stamina and training goals, which is quite helpful. The smartwatch should last roughly six days on a single charge.

Huawei Band Series

The band series can automatically identify unknown numbers and reveal the caller’s identity by synchronizing with your phone contact list. It prevents vital calls from being missed and nuisance calls from being received. You can also terminate a call with your band. When used in conjunction with a smartphone, the Huawei band series can manage the music on the phone via play, pause, previous track, next track, and volume control.

This function enables users to quickly and rapidly control their music while exercising with a battery that lasts for an average of six days.

You can purchase the Huawei wearables and enjoy its unique digital features. Select one that meets your needs. Upon purchasing the watch 3 Pro from their online shop, Huawei in-packs free earbuds for you, their esteemed customer. Hurry, get yours today!

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