Tips On How To Best Use A Pressure Washer

Tips On How To Best Use A Pressure Washer

When shopping for a pressure washer, you must buy one that meets your domestic or commercial application requirements based on cleaning objectives. A pressure washer gives you a good time when cleaning, and its Easy installation tips on the user manual allow you to do it yourself without expert help. However, a few tips will be helpful for when you finish installing the elements, and you need to start cleaning.

1. Use protective gear

Pressure washers clean surfaces by releasing water at high pressure to remove stains and particles. When dealing with surfaces with stains of harmful chemicals such as acidic spills or loose particles, you must get the proper protective gear to protect you from contact with such elements. Goggles are necessary to protect your eyes against any particles that will be forced into the air by the water from the washer, while gloves help to protect your hands from contact with chemical-based detergents used on tough stains. When using a gas pressure washer for long hours, such as in a commercial setup, make sure that you have ear protection equipment to avoid ear damage from the loud noises made by your pressure washer.

2. Test the pressure washer's spray wand

After installing every attachment needed for your work, it is important to ensure that you have tested the spray wand to check if it releases water at the ideal pressure to clean the target surface without causing damage. It would help if you experimented using different interchangeable tips, starting with a higher spray angle coming down. It gives you the chance to work with less pressure to increase to higher pressures suitable for different surfaces.

3. Do not spray animals and plants

The pressure washer works on the principle of directing high-pressure water onto surfaces to remove tough stains. However, this pressure can be harmful towards animals such as pets which you must keep away from the spaces you are cleaning so that you do not hurt them. It would be best to be careful when pressure-cleaning near your garden because the pressurized water can damage your plants and flowers with delicate stems and petals. The water will also make the soil in the garden become loose and expose the roots of your plants, which might eventually dry.

4. Try detergents in your pressure washer for tough stains

The pressurized water from your washer is usually enough to remove most of the dirty particles and stains from the surfaces you are cleaning. However, you can use different detergents and cleaning chemicals when you encounter stubborn stains to get off the surfaces. Ensure that your detergent cutoff valve is working properly to limit the amount of detergent released.


Make sure that you stay out of the way of the water from the pressure washer by standing a few feet away from the surface you are washing. You mustn't turn the spray in your direction to avoid hurting yourself with the water due to its high pressure.