Vape Review: A Comprehensive Look at CALIBURN & IRONFIST L

Vape Review: A Comprehensive Look at CALIBURN & IRONFIST L

"Legend Renewed," the famous vape brand UWELL dropped this quote alongside their new vape pod system, the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L. This vape pod tends to relive the nostalgic feel of an SBS, or side-by-side box mod, of the past. Since it is a new vaping device, an in-depth review and analysis are surely needed at this point in time. This article will provide all the necessary information needed before getting this particular device. All of the information below is based on personal experience and is guaranteed to deliver a fully honest review of the vape device. Without further ado, here's what's up with the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L by UWELL.

What’s on the Box and First Impressions

In the box of the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L, there's the actual vape unit with a pre-installed G coil, a USB Type-C charging cable, a user manual, and a spare G2 coil. Sadly, there is no free lanyard on this one, unlike other UWELL pod systems. It is available in three colors: coral red, metallic silver, and matte black. Personally, the metallic silver is the best-looking one among the three, as it is low-profile but aesthetically pleasing. But this is just a personal preference; it may vary depending on others' choices. The "IRONFIST" lettering is somehow similar to the font of the game Tekken, but it is guaranteed that this device has no cross-over collaboration with the game itself. The box part of the device is made out of zinc alloy, and it does have some weight to it, but in the right sweet spot. It is not too heavy or too light. It has a light indicator that shows different colors depending on the current status of the device, and it also has an indicator light on the side near the e-liquid cartridge that will light up when being vaped. The airflow adjustment is at the bottom of the device, and it has some awesome aspects, so be sure to stick around until the end to know what's up. Overall, it is a good-looking device, and it does live up to the claim of reliving the box mod era because it does look more like a box mod squonk at first glance than a standard pod system.

Honest Review of CALIBURN & IRONFIST L

Now here comes the exciting part of this article: the overall review of the product. First is the design itself; it is indeed the most accurate modern revision of a box mod. There are several brands that offer "box-type" pod systems and disposable vapes, but nothing is as good as this one. The CALIBURN & IRONFIST L genuinely feel like standard box mods but are made more ergonomic, convenient, and compact. But it doesn't just stop there. Even the airflow itself is close enough to be called the new face of box mods. It is capable of delivering long-drag vaping or mouth-to-lung intake and produces a huge chunk of vapor in every puff without sacrificing the e-liquid flavor since it is a pod system. About the side light indicator that shows up when vaping, it may or may not bother the person using this CALIBURN & IRONFIST L, but it is good to know that it can be turned ON or OFF. To switch it on or off, just do a long press with the power adjustment button for a second.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, this is a must-have vaping device, especially for those veterans of vaping who miss the nostalgic feel of a box mod. From a design and performance standpoint, it does make box mod enthusiasts delighted and proud to see a revision of the beloved device that is fit for modern-day vaping. Case in point: it is worth to grab one of these beasts from UWELL and experience the greatness it could bring. One device that is worthy of being called the renewal of a legend.